I'm Anele Lundborg and welcome to Love in Millennia or as I like to call this journey, LIM. 


LIM is where I write and let my creativity be. I work in the film industry in LA and over the years I have been inspired to create a space where anyone who experiences some highs and lows (which we all do) in their career or in life in general can be encouraged. I write and record free-thinking pieces and poetry inspired by my journals that I've kept through the years I've lived so far of my twenties. And I also relate my writing to paintings created by my husband and his photography of our lives, all here, in artful displays of writing and visuals. If you find that you might be struggling to experience that love in your young journey, that stays with you no matter what, join me on this Love in Millennia journey and let me poetically take you through the journey that really helped me in discovering my fulfillment and peace over the years. LIM is my creative offering to you of hope, encouragement and love, inspired ultimately by my King and spiritual compass, Jesus.

I hope you can find a little bit of you here... a little bit of love. Remember, it begins with you.

Watch or listen to my full intro below and/or begin :)