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So you got this far which means I must've said something that kind of resonated with you in that intro, even a little bit and for that I'm super grateful. Here, I'm giving you some details about who I am and more on what the LIM journey is all about. Listen below.

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There's a lot being sold to you out there and with LIM I try to be as transparent as I can be about my art whether you choose to enjoy the free portion of LIM or the paid version. LIM is not a self help course or any type of course it's a creative journey of the exploration of love that I've decided to take on in the form of free-thinking and poetry related to my journalling from my 20's so far, my husband's art and his photography of our lives. I know what's it like to just want a safe space to enjoy and learn, a place where you know what you're in for so here's more about LIM below: