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After 6 years of being in the entertainment industry, I can happily say that I'm finally settled in Hollywood, Los Angeles at the age of 26. I was approved for a long term work visa, I have representation, I was a part of two of the biggest movies in 2018 (Black Panther and Avenger's: Infinity War) as a voice actor, I was signed to one of Cape Town's biggest agencies (DNA models), I was signed with an incredible manager in South Africa, I assistant directed a Mercedes commercial, produced multiple short films and I recently started a production company Calm Collective in LA. This is only the beginning. My career moves have happened largely THROUGH UNDERSTANDING THE IMPORTANCE OF PERSONAL BRANDING and professionalism.

If you're just starting out in your career (like I was 6 years ago) or thinking about starting, there's no better way than to start through the help of someone who has already been there and succeeded. Many courses out there are mainly for people already in the industry, there doesn't seem to much out there for people who are about to enter it. I'm a young oldie who's here for the newbies! BEING EDUCATED IS AN ADVANTAGE, there are tons of people who are starting out in this industry everyday, get the edge by getting ahead with these packages in audios and pdfs formats that I have created specifically for the first 2 years in the entertainment industry, that will help you in deciding your steps wisely. Oh and did I also mention that my first job in the industry was as a TV Host for three shows (an entertainment show interviewing celebrities, music show and a women empowerment talk show)?

Don't waste anymore time trying to do guess work, I have some answers for you right here! Get started :)


Entertainment Industry Strategy Package 


Available 1 January 2019

How to lay out a strategic plan for your creativity

How to create your personal brand

An outlook on various jobs in the entertainment industry

Local Market vs International Market

Representation (Agents & Managers)

Etiquette (Being artistic and professional in a creative environment)

A few things to expect from the industry at the beginning

How to use your personal power to grow into a professional artist

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Becoming an Actor in LA Package

Available 1 March 2019

The actor's mindset

About classes

Personal branding

Getting the right headshot

Approaching GOOD Representation (Agents & managers for actors)

An outlook on acting jobs 

The best ways to be heard and seen

Tips for continued growth form the inside, out


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